Keep Your Property Snow-Free This Winter

Invest in a Toro snowblower from our shop in Eliot, ME

Eliot Small Engine Repair, Inc. in Eliot, ME now carries the Toro Power Max blower. This powerful machine blows away the competition with its 252cc OHV 4-cycle engine. Just how powerful is it? With this Toro snowblower, you'll have enough power to clear from 6 to 12 inches of snow off everything from asphalt to gravel.

Need another reason to add this new Toro snowblower to your shed in Eliot, ME? This tool features an anti-clogging system (ACS) that reduces clogging while maximizing rotator speed and snow velocity.

Don't wait until more snow falls to buy a new snowblower. Visit Eliot Small Engine today to learn more.

Find power equipment from all the top brands!

Eliot, Maine's Eliot Small Engine Repair takes pride in providing quality small engine outdoor power equipment and services to local residents. We sell and service equipment from:

Toro | Husqvarna | STIHL | ECHO | Exmark | Billy Goat Industries, Inc. | Mantis | Vortexx Pressure Washers

See what we can do for your small engine outdoor power equipment needs by contacting Eliot Small Engine Repair.

Get your small engine equipment repaired fast in Eliot, ME

There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to work in the yard and having your power equipment conk out on you. Don't just give up-bring your small engine outdoor power equipment to Eliot Small Engine Repair. Our knowledgeable team members will inspect your equipment's components and pinpoint the source of the power failure. We'll promptly and effectively replace any faulty parts so you can get back to work!

From equipment maintenance to emergency repairs, Eliot Small Engine Repair can do it all. Call or come by Eliot Small Engine Repair next time you're in need of assistance.

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